Can You Bungee Jump in Rain, Wind, Winter or Night?

can you bungee jump in the rain

Bungee jump is one of the most exhilarating activities you can do. But what happens when the weather turns? Will rain, snow, strong winds, or a cold winter’s night stop you from making a jump? I decided to take a look at some of the leading global bungee operators to see what they say about adverse or bad weather conditions and night-time jumping.

Can you go bungee jumping when it’s raining?

Can you bungee jump in the rain? You can bungee jump in rain with some operators. For example, the AJ Hackett bungee jumping locations do not cancel in rain unless the weather is extreme. However, some other companies will not operate during rainstorms. It depends on company policy.

Is bungee jumping safe in rainy weather then?

In most cases, yes, it is safe to bungee jump in the rain. The only time this isn’t so is if the rain is so hard that it stops the instructors from working safely with you or presents an issue to the equipment.

In fact, having bungee jumped in a tropical rainstorm in Thailand myself, I can say that it actually made it a completely different experience to my previous jumps. It actually felt like I was in a race with the raindrops!

If you have booked a bungee jump and rain is forecast, please contact your operator to see what their weather policy is. It could be different from the AJ Hackett bungee locations.

In the video below you can see a guy bungee jumping in rain at the Kawarau Bridge Bungy in New Zealand, an AJ Hackett site. At this Queenstown location they will only stop you going ahead with a bungee jump if there are high winds or heavy snowfall.

What about a storm with lightning?

Whilst rain won’t be an issue with most bungee jump operators, it’s a different matter if there are thunderstorms and lightening present. 

You cannot bungee jump in lightning and thunder as this can present a danger to both you and the team. Most bungee jump platforms are of metal construction. Metal itself doesn’t attract lightning, but if it gets hit it can conduct electricity and electrocute you.

I don’t know of any bungee jump companies who will let you jump if there is a thunderstorm forecast. 

Can you bungee jump in winter? 

Bungee jump companies don’t close during the winter months, and in fact, you can often get cheaper prices for a winter jump (see here). The only time you won’t be allowed to bungee jump in winter is if the weather is too dangerous.

For example, many operators won’t let you bungee jump in snow and ice. This winter weather can make the bungee platforms extremely hazardous and slippery. I’ve even heard of cases where snow and ice have frozen machinery in certain locations. 

Heavy winter snow can also reduce visibility. Most operators will have a certain visibility threshold at which they will operate at. If they can’t see past a certain distance due to snow and driving rain, they will not let you bungee jump safely. 

Can you bungee jump in strong winds?

You cannot bungee jump in high winds or if erratic wind patterns are forecast.

Jumping into strong winds can make the drop and swing of the bungee cord very unpredictable and could even lead to death (here are some statistics on fatalities). 

Can you bungee jump at night? 

You can bungee jump at night from a wide range of locations around the globe. Night-time bungee jumping makes for an entirely different experience as you have no idea how far you are falling and how long is left… it really messes with your senses!

Here’s a selection of bungee jump operators that offer a night-time experience. There are more, but these are rated as some of the best on the planet.

1. Macau Tower (The world’s highest bungee jump)

The Macau Tower measures 764 feet (233 meters) high and is the highest commercial bungee operation in the world. It actually holds the Guinness World Record for being the jump from the highest point… so imagine what that would feel like at night!?

If you want to try it for yourself be prepared to pay more than average prices. A night-time bungee will set you back around $300 US dollars. Visit the Macau Tower website for information on how to book.

You can watch a video below where a thrill seeker took the plunge after dark.

2. Highland Fling Bungee in Scotland 

They claim to be the only operator in Europe that offer bungee jumping at night off a bridge where your head dips into the water. The jumps take place over the Garry Bridge in Killicrankie, Perthshire.

You can jump at night for the very reasonable cost of just £85 per person. Call +44 (0) 345 366 5844 for more information. 

3. The Ledge Bungy in New Zealand 

This is an AJ Hackett operation, so you know you’re in very safe hands. It’s located on a platform high above Queenstown and offers stunning views. As you jump in the dark you hopefully will have the presence of mind to take in the lights of the city down below.

This is the only bungee jump in New Zealand where night-time bungee jumping has been licensed, so book early to avoid disappointment. You can find out how to book on the official website. It costs around $205 dollars per person. 


Bungee jumping is statistically a very safe sport. Much of the reason for this is down to how safety conscious the operators are.

If they feel that the weather conditions are too hazardous, whether that’s rain, ice, storms, or snow in the winter, they will not let you jump.

I’ve not found an operator yet who doesn’t have a fair cancellation policy regarding bad weather bungee jumps. The weather is out of your hands after all, so most will let you re-book or offer a refund if you can’t get at another time.

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