Can You Bungee Jump with Breast Implants?

Can You Bungee Jump with Breast Implants

Bungee jumping is an activity can enjoyed by many, but there are certain medical conditions that operators won’t let you jump with. But what about post-breast augmentation surgery? Is it safe to bungee jump after having breast implants?

Can you bungee jump with breast implants? You can bungee jump with breast implants. A few months after surgery there’s no reason why you can’t take part in extreme sports such as bungee, but I would advise a good sports bra.

How long should you wait after surgery?

You should talk to your individual surgeon as he or she will know you best. However, advice from doctors I have read online all seems to have a very common theme; you will be fine to bungee jump after breast implant surgery, but not straight away.

I read the comments from various women on forums who had answered the same question, and here’s a selection of the best responses.

“I did a bungee jump at 7 months after surgery. My surgeon told me that once I was 6 months post-op then there was no reason why I could not take part in more strenuous activities. During the jump I felt no pressure and they didn’t move around at all.”

“Ask your surgeon as they will know how your healing has progressed. I’ve known women who are 5 weeks post-surgery start playing sports again, whereas others are nowhere near healed enough to even do something as simple as yoga. It really should be treated on a case by case basis. We’re all different!”

“I am a breast surgeon and I always tell my patients that they should wait until 3 months before they do anything like bungee jumping or skydiving. I also tell them to wear a fitted sports bra.” 

The sensible route would be to take things slowly. Take your time and build-up to activities that are going to be pulling and stretching you about. Some women will recover a lot slower than others and can be visibly healed on the outside, but not always in the insides.

To conclude, all surgeons will tell you to take time off from doing any strenuous activities after breast surgery. That includes lifting heavy objects too.

However, after a few months and once everything has healed there’s no reason why you can’t bungee jump, do a skydive, go rock climbing, or trampolining.

Did You Know? UK celebrity Nicola McLean refused to bungee jump on a reality TV show, saying her breast implants would make it impossible. A TV show doctor discounted her claims and said she had nothing to worry about.

High impact sports can be dangerous though

The silicone that breast implants are made from is very strong. They can last for between 10 and 20 years.

However, they can get weaker over time, and impact sports could present a danger. I am talking about things such as boxing and martial arts. Any type of contact sport where there is a risk of a very high impact.

Dr Alan Matarasso was interviewed by the Vice website and had this to say:

“Breast implants clearly create some cause for concern in a sport where an impact to the chest is not going to be uncommon. I’ve operated on professional tennis players, I’ve operated on professional golfers, swimmers. I don’t really worry about them once they’re outside of the healing period. But in a sport that’s physical, it does create some concern as any trauma to the chest are has a potential risk of rupture.”

He was talking about an MMA fighter in particular.

Given that bungee jumping does not involve any impact to the chest area, there’s no reason why you can’t bungee. Operators do not put breast implants on their list of prohibited conditions.


I am not a medical professional. All of the advice on this page was found via web searches. You should always consult with your surgeon before taking a bungee jump to get their expert opinion on your condition.

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