Can You Go Bungee Jumping While Pregnant? (Or on Period)

bungee jumping pregnant

Those interested in getting into bungee jumping or perhaps planning on taking a jump whilst on a vacation should be made aware of the dangers it can present. Whilst in the main bungee jumping is a very safe sport, there are certain people who should not partake in it. But what about pregnant women? Are they allowed to go bungee jumping when pregnant? And what when menstruating, is it ok to bungee on a period?

Can you go bungee jumping while pregnant? Legitimate bungee jump operators will not allow pregnant women to bungee jump. Not only can it harm your unborn baby, but insurance policies will not allow operators to let pregnant women bungee jump. 

It is not safe to go bungee jumping pregnant. Do not to do it.

Can you bungee jump on your period? You can go bungee jumping on your period. My wife has made multiple jumps whilst in her menstrual cycle and never suffered any ill effects of accidents. Just take plenty or tampons or pads depending on your preferred method.

Why can’t I bungee jump pregnant?

That’s the short answer out of the way, but why exactly is bungee jumping when pregnant dangerous and not advisable?

Can You Go Bungee Jumping While Pregnant
Bungee jumping is not safe when pregnant and could harm your unborn baby.

Any activity that could put you at risk of a sudden jolt, fall, loss of balance, or extreme stress on your body can cause miscarriage. And all of this will happen during your bungee jump.

The types of injuries that can occur during a bungee jump include:

  • Eye injuries: there is a dangerous increase in pressure in your eyes. You can suffer with vision impairment when the cord jerks you back up.
  • Head dipping: this injury occurs when bungee jumping over water. When water is hit at high speed it can sometimes be compared to hitting concrete.
  • Neck injuries: the force of being pulled back up can put pressure on the neck, straining the muscles.
  • Spinal injuries: the force of the bungee jump can cause compression fractures to the spine. In bad accidents, jumpers have been paralysed.

And then of course, there’s the force of being pulled back on your internal organs. At the point you get pulled back, a person weighing 300 pounds can be subjected to 3 G’s of force.

That could harm your unborn baby in the womb, leading to miscarriage.

The dangers of bungee jumping pregnant are highest during the second and third trimesters.

Other conditions that prohibit you from bungee jumping

As well as pregnancy, there are other medical conditions that reputable bungee operators will list as forbidding you from taking part. These include:

  • People who suffer with high blood pressure.
  • Anybody who has asthma, epilepsy, or suffers with dizzy spells.
  • A person with an existing injury to the back, leg, spine, or eyes.
  • Those aged 65 years or older unless they have a doctor’s permission note (here’s a list of age limits in each country).

Other sports that should be avoided during pregnancy

It should be obvious now that bungee jumping pregnant is ill advised, but what other sports should also be avoided. Doctors recommend you don’t take part in the following activities:

Any sport that you could fall into your stomach should be avoid at all costs as it could harm your unborn baby. Intense jogging and running are also not advised as it can create pressure on your back and leg joints.

What sports can you do when pregnant?

Whilst bungee jumping is out of the question, being pregnant doesn’t mean you should refrain from all physical activity. In fact, doctors recommend that you do keep active. Here are some sports you could enjoy instead.

  • Aerobics
  • Dance
  • Cycling
  • Light running and jogging
  • Stair climbing machines
  • Swimming
  • Walking
  • Yoga


Bungee jumping when pregnant is dangerous. You won’t find any reputable western world bungee jump operator who will let you jump if visibly pregnant.

Even if you are in the early days of your pregnancy and aren’t showing, please don’t risk it. Miscarriage is more likely during the first trimester of pregnancy, so you should avoid taking any risks that will place stress on your body.

Falling isn’t good for your baby, but keeping active is, so find an alternative source of exercise.

However, bungee jumping on a period is absolutely fine so please don’t let it put you off.

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